Gavin Thomas Interiors

Lifestyle Real Estate Consultation



Between visiting dozens of properties, studying long-term property values, talking to co-op boards, dealing with the financial legwork, and all other details associated with buying a home; even the most savvy shopper can overlook some very critical details when deciding on a new home. No house bought comes as a dream home. It’s the details which make it a home.

Buyers consumed with finding a sound investment overlook and under estimate many simple key design factors, limitations or potentials that the buyer and real estate agents may not even consider.

Gavin Thomas offers a specialized Lifestyle Real Estate consultation service that helps you determine if the real estate purchase you are about to make will best fit your lifestyle.

Whatever place you are in life, you want to be sure that the home you buy has the potential to fit you like a beautifuly tailored glove. In New York you don’t just buy a home, you buy a lifestyle.  You purchase the neighborhood parks, the restaurant delivery options, the school and even the bars down the street. With our Full Lifestyle Profile, our Design Aesthetic Assessment and our finger on the pulse of New York living we can help you realize your dream home. Shop for your next place with designer Gavin Thomas at your side.

Live life the way you have always wanted to.