Gavin Thomas Interiors

Interior Design



Started in 2004 as Seamspace, the Brooklyn boutique has grown from offering decorative services and color consultation to including full luxury interior design and white glove renovation services for all types and sizes of residences.

In the last few years, Gavin Thomas has had the pleasure of working in beautiful Brooklyn full brownstones residences and glamorous high rise NYC apartments.

Rebranded as Gavin Thomas Interiors Inc. in 2010, and still offering all of its’ previous services,  we specialize in local and long distance metropolitan residences and vacation properties.  Gavin Thomas Interiors residences can be found in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Hamptons, Philadelphia and Minneapolis.   We coordinate any long distance project with ease.  Its our pleasure.

Managing design along with large scale project coordination is a challenging and rewarding feat for our team.  Drafting construction schedules, negotiating and bidding fees, quality control inspections, permits, co-op boards approvals, certificates of insurance and managing the site are just a few of the details which we take on in a Gavin Thomas Interiors project. We are fully insured and use only licensed professionals, architects, and contractors.

From color consultation  to full renovation, Gavin Thomas loves it all.

Live life the way you have always wanted to.