Gavin Thomas Interiors


Turning interior decor “on its side” while maintaining a passionate respect for tradition is what makes the homes designed by Gavin Thomas both inventive and timeless.

Gavin Thomas Semon finds excitement in dramatizing French, English, Asian and American themes with a contemporary sense of color, style and function. He beautifully balances dynamic, bold patterns of scale and texture against a rich, classic tradition of interior aesthetics. As a self-proclaimed “colorful traditionalist”, his lines are playfully blurred by his ingenious use of vibrant color palettes and refreshing cosmopolitan approaches.

Classic, cosmopolitan, colorful – it’s a Gavin Thomas Interior.

From his Brooklyn-based boutique, Gavin Thomas builds a reputation of designing interiors to suit cosmopolitans and re-introducing the new sophistication of hi-rise, metropolitan living. From Minneapolis to Long Island, he designs more than interiors – he creates a lifestyle.

Live life the way you have always wanted to.